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SSOE, Inc. – Engineers & Architects  Troy, Michigan  and  Toledo, Ohio

BRAG,Inc. Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Wetland Construction, Inc.
Lapeer, Michigan

Soulliere Decorative
Stone, Inc. Utica, Michigan

LJ Construction, Inc.
Clifford, Michigan

United Investments, Inc.
Almont, Michigan

Huron Consultants, LLC   Port Huron, Michigan

14-Acre Restoration Site, Port Huron, Michigan 2002
2-Acre Mitigation Site, Kimball, Michigan 2003

40-Acre Waste Transfer Facility, Almont, Michigan 2002
30-Acre Hawthorn Hollow Camp, Columbus, Michigan 2003
5.5-Mile M-29 Water Main Project, Ira, Michigan 2005
4-Acre Court House Site, New Baltimore, Michigan 2005
7-Acre Residential Site, Arcadia, Michigan 2005
12-Acre Commercial Site, Kimball, Michigan 2005

DeLacy Real Estate
Exchange - Port Huron, Michigan

Keweenaw Environmental – Landmark Technologies, Inc.  Port Huron, Michigan


5-Acre Commercial Site 2005
Fort Gratiot, Michigan

2-Acre Office Site 2005
Fort Gratiot, Michigan

11-Acre Commercial Site, Port Huron, Michigan 1999
24-Acre Marina Site, Marysville, Michigan 1999
10-Acre Residential Site, Marine City, Michigan 2000
27-Acre Residential Site, Saint Clair, Michigan 2000
5-Acre Residential Site, Burtchville, Michigan 2000
30-Acre Negaunee School Site, Port Huron, Michigan 2000
2-Acre Site, Port Huron, Michigan 2001
10-Acre Site, Port Huron, Michigan 2002
15-Acre Site, China, Michigan 2002
10-Acre Site, Berlin, Michigan 2003


Drain Commissioner  Saint Clair County, Michigan

Botanical / Rare Species Survey 103-Acre Storage Area I, Kimball Township

Review of Delisting Targets For Fish/Wildlife Habitat Beneficial Use Impairments For The St. Clair River Area Of Concern

Wetland Delineation / Botanical Survey 72-Acre Storage Area D, Port Huron Township

Wetland Identification Training for Drain Office Staff

Elba Township  Lapeer County, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 40-Acre Modular Home Site, Elba Township

Review & Public Comment to MDEQ for Permit Applications

SSOE, Inc. Engineers & Architects Troy, Michigan

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Research 12 Rite Aid Pharmacy Sites

Wetland Delineation 2.5-Acre Site, Orchard Lake Village, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 2-Acre Industrial Site, Genesee County, Michigan

BRAG, Inc.   Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Wetland Permit Application 5-Acre Pond Site, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Wetland Inspection 200-Acre Site, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 2-Acre Office Site, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 30-Acre Commercial Site, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, P.C.   Port Huron, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 12-Acre Blue Water Area Transportation Commission Site Mueller Industries, Inc. Property, Port Huron, Michigan

Reichle Auto Parts, Inc.  Saint Clair, Michigan

Forest Management Guidance 20-Acre Forest, St. Clair Township, Michigan

Hamzavi Dermatology, P.C.  Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 2.3-Acre Office Site, Fort Gratiot, Michigan

S & L Enterpries, Inc. East China, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 24-Acre Belle River Residential Site, East China Township, Michigan

Precision Care, LLC  East China, Michigan

Wetland Inspection 10-Acre Site, East China Township, St. Clair County, Michigan

Rainmaker Auto Wash, Inc. Oxford, Michigan

Environmental Impact Statement 1.5-Acre Auto Wash Site, Rochester Hills, Michigan

CR Consulting, LLC  Burton, Michigan

Wetland Permit Application 0.7-Acre Residence, Waterford Township, Oakland County, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 15-Acre M-25 Commercial Site, Port Hope, Michigan

Jack Anglin Civil Constructors, Ltd.   Novi, Michigan

Wetland Delineation 5-Acre Sand Pit / Lake, Burtchville Township, St. Clair County, Michigan

Mersino Dewatering, Inc.   Davison, Michigan

Wetland Permit Application Residential Pond, Elba Township, Lapeer County, Michigan

Dworkin Investments, LLC   Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Wetland Mitigation Monitoring 1.6-Acre Mitigation, St. Clair Township, St. Clair County, Michigan

Lucas Homes, LLC   Harrison Township, Michigan

Wetland Delineation / Permit Application      45-Acre Residential PUD, Clay Township, Michigan

Wetland Assessment 4-Acre Adult Foster Care Site, Chesterfield, Michigan

Wetland Delineation / Permit Application         4-Acre Condominium, Clay Township,  Michigan

A. N. Deringer, Inc., Port Huron, Michigan

Wetland Mitigation Plan 1-Acre Mitigation, Port Huron Township, St. Clair County, Michigan

Griffin Properties, Inc.

Wetland Inspection Hoisington Lake Site, Livingston County

Plus many more projects involving wetland delineation, wetland permitting & compliance, wetland mitigation, tree inventories, botanical surveys, rare species, ecological assessments, and natural area protection for residents, business owners, real estate agents, and developers throughout Saint Clair, Lapeer, Macomb, Oakland, Genesee, Tuscola, Sanilac, and Huron Counties.

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